The Secret

I read this book called “The Secret” which talks of the Laws of Attraction. Even though I happened to glance at this book while at the book store earlier, I did not think of buying it. However, after a good friend recommended this book, I thought, why not check it out!

“The Secret” is nothing but the “Law of Attraction” which says that what you focus your thoughts and attention on is what you attract. According to the Law, your mind cannot differentiate between “I don’t want to be late to work” and “I want to be late to work”. All that your mind understands is “late to work”! So, you attract situations that make you get “late” to work. So, the book says that as much as you think, ask, believe and receive positive vibes, positive things happen to you.

Even though, there are many criticisms about this “Positive Thinking” principle, I believe that Positive thoughts help you feel better and lead you to perform better. Even during a training program, creating a Positive, non-threatening environment leads to better performance from trainees.

However, Positive Thinking alone, without Positive Action may not help. It is important to Think and Act too!

So, Think & Act Positively – you will attract a lot of Positive stuff towards you!

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